About Us

Remember the first time you spent the entire day on the hill? The lifts stopped turning and the sun went down as you reluctantly took your last run. You wandered into the lodge and were rewarded for the long day with a hot cocoa and the best french fries you ever tasted.

Perhaps now your endless runs are interrupted by a Bloody Mary break for brunch or a cold beer for lunch. Maybe it's a glass of wine in the afternoon. Whether you're still that kid up on the hill from first tracks to last chair, or your day has turned into cocktails with friends at the lodge by the fire, you are a Skibum.

Après has become a part of every ski day and we should look good and be comfortable while doing it. The big outerwear companies are more about status than attitude. I went years looking for the right hat to cover up my helmet hair, something stylish that represented who I was. After years of not finding what I was looking for, I decided to create my own brand. A brand for everyone. A brand that says who we are, what we are and that we know how to après.

This is Skibum Apparel.

Kirk Campbell